About Podia Agency

We founded Go Figurative Ltd in 2008 as a business championing the art of skilled figurative artists. Why figurative? We believed that following the crisis in the financial world, there would be a return to figuration in art with evidence of skill and substance.

Inspired by successes in the music industry of platforms like MySpace we side-stepped the conventional gallery route and launched an online platform
www.gofigurative.com to offer artists the chance to promote their work, for free, without the usual barriers so evident in the art world.

Our aim is to demystify, disintermediate and democratize the process of buying and selling art. We have been transparent and accessible from the outset. We never seek to intimidate buyers but give them confidence to buy. We always treat artists with respect and pay them immediately upon a sale. Over 1000 artists from around the world have created profiles on www.gofigurative.com.

Since 2008, we have sold over 500 original works of art to private buyers, collectors and companies with prices ranging from £100 to £135,000. Many of our buyers bought their first ever piece of art through us. www.gofigurative.com

By the end of 2014, we recognised our unique value to artists and buyers comes from the experience we gained prior to entering the art world. Between us, we have 30 years of media marketing and legal experience. It is our ability to promote, position and protect our artists and our corporate clients’ collections that makes the difference.

So we created PODIA, with the aim of ‘Elevating Artists’.

PODIA is uniquely placed to structure deals between artists, their galleries, and companies, their brands and partners, which involves the creation of new original artworks and the subsequent use of their copyrights.  www.podia.agency

  • Real world events and exhibitions
  • Excellent relationships with artists and their galleries
  • Insight and knowledge of artists’ careers and their prices
  • Significant and growing client and partnership base
  • Established relationships with art valuers, critics, educators and opinion formers
About Podia Agency