Online, founded in 2008, is one of the first online platforms for artists and remains the only one dedicated to figurative art. Over 1000 artists globally have created profiles. We have a proven track record of identifying artists whose work increases in value.


PODIA was founded in 2014 to capitalise on our marketing and legal experience and artist and client list.

• showcases our talent and the way we work.
• PODIA is an agency that structures deals between artists and their galleries, corporates and their brands for the creation of new original artworks and use of intellectual property.

Corporate Consultancy

• We advise and source art for corporate clients that resonates with client companies’ core values, ambitions and history. Clients benefit from an appreciating asset.

Private consultancy

• We source art for private clients to enhance their living environment.
• We curate art for our private clients building collections which can be enjoyed and appreciate in value.

Art Education consultancy

We structure partnerships between companies, art schools and artists to build enhanced art-based training initiatives.

Our Business Impact

Very few artists ever sell even one painting.

We have sold over 100 paintings by artists David Downes and Andrew McNeile Jones.

Very few artists ever sell a piece of art for more than £100.

The average price of our top three selling artists has risen from £2,000 to £50,000 in just four years.

Corporate sales make a significant difference to the value of an artist’s work and this is the area that we specialise in.

Our corporate clients recognise the investment value of art and record their art collections as an asset on the balance sheet. One client’s original investment of £250,000 has been valued at £1,000,000 in just three years.

We are loyal to our artists and they are loyal to us. We work in partnership with their galleries in London and internationally.

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