Sally Podia Agency

Sally Vaughan

I started out as a graduate trainee for BAe at the time when the company was building satellites and experimenting with satellite television. I moved across into the media and spent the early part of my career building brands for satellite TV networks and their channels including CNN, ESPN and the BBC. This was at the beginning of the satellite TV revolution which lead to the multi-platform digital explosion and so started my interest in doing creative things differently. 

My passion for art started before I can remember. I always loved drawing and wanted to go to art school. When that did finally happen I was struck by the amount of talent that didn’t have a ‘route to market’. I noticed that talented painters, sculptures, printmakers and digital artists were not using the Internet.

So, together with Janine Collins, we set about creating a business to enable artists to sell their work, and to open up the market to all.

My years of experience in the media and practical training as an artist have enabled me to see it from both sides; I can champion artists whilst, at the same time, structure partnerships between artists and their galleries and companies and their brands and partners which leads to the creation of outstanding original artworks.

Janine Podia Agency

Janine Collins

I was fortunate enough to win a coveted assisted place to North London Collegiate School. My parents said I could be anything I liked as long as it was a doctor or a lawyer. So I chose the law and became a commercial litigator.

Secretly though I harboured a passion to run my own business. I eventually left the law to join The CLO Programme, a network for in house legal Counsel, which is where I began to understand the operational aspects of building a business and the importance of business communities.

I launched my own boutique legal consultancy, Client Intelligence, providing client care services to the legal profession until a chance conversation with my now business partner, Sally Vaughan, lead to a bigger, more exciting idea that I could see had enormous potential.

From that conversation we have built a multi-faceted art agency and advisory  business. I’m using my legal experience more than ever. What excites me most is that we never stand still; we are always taking things forward, whilst remaining true to our original founding principles of transparency, talent and integrity.